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Facility Risk Advisors

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What do i bring to the table

I am keenly aware of the complex nature of facility risks, be they related to the security of assets, early planning of a project or compliance  when the scope is not yet clear and traps are not yet visible.


As the Founder and Lead Consultant, i developed my industry expertise and leadership over four decades of practice in a number of diverse industries , both nationally and internationally .

 Now, my goal is support the next generation of project leaders with what i have learned through the trenches of daily practice.

Facility Risk Management

V2PM is a co-sourcing resource for facilities owners (as opposed to outsourcing), providing support services in Security Risk Program / Project Management, through coaching, mentoring and training owners' team.

We serve

Local Government - Campus - K12


What We Do

We provide coaching / mentoring and training services in facility security programs / projects, to support Owners' teams using our proprietary methodology, PromEasy ® .



As a boutique Risk focused Management Consulting firm, we are here to coach and mentor your team, in implementing an owner centric methodology to Facility Risk Management.  

Our Services

​                               COACHING / TRAINING / MENTORING in the following areas :

  • Capital Planning using tools such as Security Risk Assessments

  • Security Management Planning at the Strategic Policy level

  • Security Management at the Tactical Guideline level

  • Security Management Planning at the Operational procedural  Level

  • Organizational Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessment (TRVA)

  • Facility Security Assessments (FCA)

Security Risk Coaching

Developing or expanding an Enterprise Security

Risk Management (ESRM) program requires a

structured and auditable methodology.

Facility Risk Management Coaching /Training

Being able to anticipate downstream risks, from the inception of a risk mitigation

program / project, should be paramount in formulating defensible project baselines,

in turn providing a foundation for an auditable trail.


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