Facility Risk Management

V2PM is resource for municipal facilities owners, providing consulting services in Facility Security Risk Management.


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Who We Are

We are a Risk focused Management Consulting firm, that implements an owner centric methodology to Security Risk Management.  Our industry expertise and leadership have enabled us to plan and implement security programs for primarily the Municipal sector.   In simple terms, we are segment focused Security Management Consultant, who act on behalf of mostly Municipal facilities owners and in the process produce a fully auditable trail.

As a boutique firm , we are keenly aware of the nature of facility risks be they a related to the security of assets or the early planning of a Security Program deployment,  when the concept is still vague and traps are invisible to the inexperienced eye, understand how to mitigate many of the risks associated with managing projects.  As a result, we have built a practice that in effect offers an enhanced management layer that is not a duplication of the owner’s team effort.

What We Do

Working with project stakeholders , we utilize our proprietary methodology, PromEasy ® to analyze relevant data then identify potential risks and offer proven mitigating options. We work with internal and external stakeholders / teams to plan the proposed course of action primarily using a data based approach to risk management.


We are a boutique Risk focused Management Consulting firm, that implements an owner centric methodology to facility Risk management.  

Our Services
  • Management Consulting Services using V2PM’s methodology – PROMEASY 

  • Security Management Planning at the Strategic Policy Level

  • Security Management Planning at the Tactical Level

  • Security Management Planning at the Operational Level

  • Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessments (TRVA)

Security Risk Management 

Using a data analysis process to  produce TRVAs, the building blocks of a true risk-based Enterprise Security Management (ESRM) framework.


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